Board of Directors

Allan Codrington - Chairman
Ross Mayberry Vice Chairman
Bruce McGregor - Secretary
Angela Rayner - Treasurer
Scott Fittler
Anna Tracey
Chris Blake
Gerry Hennessy
Chairperson   Allan Codrington
Vice Chairman  Ross Mayberry
Secretary   Bruce McGregor
Treasurer   Angela Rayner
Board Members   Scott Fittler
 Anna Tracey
Chris Blake
 Gerry Hennessy
CEO/Director of Nursing   Fran Trisley
Deputy Director of Nursing   Helen Harwood
 Tania Sargent
Finance Manager   Michael Crompton
Auditors   Lawrence Bennett Portelli Pty Ltd

44-46 Court St
Mudgee NSW 2850
PO Box 163 Mudgee NSW 2850

Ph: (02) 6378 1144

Finance Manager - Michael Crompton, Deputy Director of Nursing - Helen Harwood, CEO/Director of Nursing - Fran Trisley, Support Services Supervisor - Kath Kondo, Deputy Director of Nursing - Tania Sargent